A short suggestion for Lindos,Greece

Tips for Lindos,Greece

Wear shoes 

     It may sound like a simple thing but wear shoes. You'll find the steps and pavement slippery. It'll be difficult to climb up to the Acropolis . Those are the nice reasons. The less pleasant reason is the donkeys tend to leave gifts along the paths. Stepping into one won't make your day.

Leave the flip flops and even the open sandals at the hotel. You'll appreciate something sturdier while dealing with the paths.

One other tips. If you take the donkey path down at some point you'll see a what looks like a fence . The fence is in fact barbed wire. Don't grab it.

One final point. The Acropolis doesn't have any of those high tech safety devices. No guard rails. No red velvet ropes. If you take a bad step near an edge you will hoping Zeus reaches out and saves you from a fall.

Photos to come. 

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