usb charging and why it makes travel so much easier

Usb charging

 Not that long ago a major worry for many was charging or more generally worrying about electrical issues when travelling. Every single device had it's own charger. Which you had to plug into something. Often a challenge in a hotel room. You also had to make sure that each charger could handle the voltage for your destination. To make matters worse each charger needed a plug adapter. 

Fortunately many smaller devices have moved to USB charging

Devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to cameras have moved in mass towards USB charging. But less known items like flashlights have also. 

A multi port USB charger replaces many of your chargers. The chargers support worldwide voltage.  You still need enough cables if you intend to charge them all at once but it's much easier to plug your phone and camera into one charger then dealing with a collection. You only need one plug adapter.

A small USB flashlight can fit in your pocket. Useful for strange hotel rooms or hotels without adequate hall lighting.

Third parties even offer USB chargers for larger batteries. I have USB chargers for my DSLR and video camera.

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