Why go early? It's a vacation! Right?

Why go early?

  It feels like you've just fallen asleep. The hotel bed is comfortable. You figure it's not a decent hour to think about going out. Why not just sleep a little longer? It can't hurt can it?

Lindos,Greece early before eight am. 

Lindos Greece early morning

Lindos Greece empty streets

Lindos Greece donkeys waiting
Even the donkeys are lonely
Just a couple of hours later

Lindos Greece mid morning

Lindos Greece mid morning
Lindos Greece

Lindos Greece donkey stall
Even the donkeys are crowded

If you go early

   If you go early you'll often have sites to yourself. You won't be waiting for a gap in the crowd to take a photo. You can hear yourself think not the noise of the crowd. Those donkeys are still mid morning. Not even the lunch rush. 

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